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2008-11-01 100% RAW Worlds

100% RAW World Powerlifting Championships 11/01/2008


Hello All,

  I hope everyone is doing well.  First I wanted to say congrats to Vadim and Pat for their performances yesterday at the 100% RAW World Championships in Hagerstown, MD.  Pat went 2 for 3 on each lift and her third attempts were close on all fronts, she had her workman like style about her again.  Vadim went a very impressive 9 for 9 in his first meet which is pretty rare and he has more to come.  It was a fun day, a bit long as the lifting started at 10 and didn't finish until about 7, but they both stayed focused on what they had to do.  Thanks to John and Geoff for coming out and supporting for a while.

  There has not been too much interest to do the competitions next weekend or at the end of November, so Team Force will not be competing as a team in those events.  You all are free to do them as individuals if you wish.

  Personally I think my next meet will be the Ironman Nationals on March 14th 2009 and then of course is the really big one, USAPL Raw Nationals at the end of July.  The meet in March is a single lift meet, you can do bench, deads, and/or curls.  The meet in July is a 3 lift meet, you must do squats, bench and deads to compete.  If you are planning on doing that one start squatting deep, they will be very strict on squat depth.  I certainly want Team Force to be prominent at the meet in July and perhaps if you all interested we can represent in March as well, that location is Zion Crossroads, VA (the one in July is in Charlottesville, VA). 

  Keep training hard, I will let you know when our next meeting is in a while.  Take it easy,


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not online


Vadim's computer has pictures and videos, need to put on youtube.

Pat - SQ - 100% RAW - 2008-11-01

Pat - BP - 100% RAW - 2008-11-01

Pat - DL - 100% RAW - 2008-11-01