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2011-12-10 100% RAW VA X-MAS Classic

100% RAW VA X-Mas Classic 12/10/2011


The 2011 VA State/Christmas Classic was a good meet.  3 official Team Members competed and 2 other potential members lifters as well, of those 5 it was 2 of the lifters first competitions.  Kim Limon went 7 for 9 and got a very nice 3rd attempt squat, great for her first meet.  Dana Anderson went 8 for 9 with a swan dive on her third squat (Team Force members have to stop doing that), a very nice 3rd bench and a 3rd deadlift that she didn't think she could get, she is a very strong 123er.  Tim got sick but still managed a 162 curl and went 2 out of 3.  76 total lifters and 2 platforms running, thanks to Rob Redfearn for coming down and supporting the team.  There was no team competition at this meet.  It was a good way to wrap up the 2011 competition year.


need results from John Shiflets site