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Aaron Boyd

I have always been interested in fitness and fascinated with the human body. I was always one of the larger kids growing up, and that meant I could always move more weight than anyone else. I remember winning an arm wrestling competition during P.E. in elementary school. I dominated the entire 5th grade and came out on top.


I used to spend hours as a teenager watching marathons of the World’s Strongest Man and looking up to guys like Bill Kazmaier, Magnus Ver Magnusson, Derek Poundstone, Zydrunas Savickas, Mariusz Pudzianowski, and  Magnus Samuelson. While other  people got their push from bodybuilders I was enthralled to see the poundage those guys could toss around. What’s cooler  than pulling a bus? I credit my weight training beginnings to my father. He bought  me a Total Gym when  I was 13 and I used to spend hours on it working my body in every way I could conceive. I then got a small home gym tower with a weight stack and worked feverishly until I could press the entire stack for reps.


I wrestled for a year in high school and it was one of the greatest times of my life. I felt at home on the mat. My natural strength played extremely well to my advantage and I won my first match in less than 12 seconds.


I trained off and on for a few years. Then, in 2011, I began taking my training seriously, quickly becoming addicted to pushing my numbers higher and higher. As my strength grew rapidly I realized that I was meant to lift heavy weight and I set my sights on competition and breaking records.


I competed for the first time in July 2012. After a severe weight cut of 14 pounds in under 24 hours I had an okay showing in the bench at 314lbs and secured the 198lb Virginia state record for deadlift at 617lbs.


Your years lifting/years competing/# of comps competed in:

I have been lifting for 10 years off and on. Training to be sport specific and dominate since December 2011.

I have only competed once so far but I fell in love with the act of competing. It keeps me honest.

Your best lifts in the gym and/or in comp:

Gym- 475# Squat with wraps, 330# Bench, 610# Deadlift, and 145# Curl with straight bar.

Competition- 314# Bench, 617# Deadlift, and 132# Curl all at 198#.

Your favorite competitive exercise:

I have a passionate affair with the deadlift. I have always been a strong deadlifter and I think that ripping weight off the floor is a manly feat of strength.

Your favorite assistance exercise (in general or for said exercise:

I love doing ultra high rep sets of 50 or more in a single set. They are a real manmaker and test you physically as much as mentally. I also feel that they aid in more rapid recovery with very little lingering soreness or exhaustion.

I also enjoy ultra heavy barbell shrugs.

Your goal(s) of weight to lift or bodyweight to achieve:

I plan to:

Squat 450# in competition soon with a projected goal of 500# 2013

Bench 350# in competition with a goal of 400# in 2013

Deadlift 650# in competition with a goal of 700# in 2013

In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if you fill in the blanks below~


I think powerlifting is....

The greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s a great stress reliever. It’s a mental and physical challenge. It’s a way to test yourself and see what you are really made of. Powerlifting is about camaraderie and sportsmanship. I have connected with and met the nicest group of people ever while training and competing.

I think competition is ....

A great source of motivation and drive. I have always been competitive; wanting to be the best somehow and someway. I like competing against myself and against past version of myself. It keeps me in check.

I think bodybuilding is ....

Extremely challenging and requires just as much if not more discipline than powerlifting. I think it has gotten a bit out of hand the last couple of decades with the influx of “enhanced” competitors and they look more ridiculous each and every year.

I think running is....

Only useful if there is a bear chasing you. Running is counterproductive, excruciating, and monotonous in my opinion.


To me, being a member of Team Force means.......

Having a family of people with the same goals, aspirations, and interests.