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Dana Anderson

I’ve always been athletic, but wasn’t much interested in lifting weights, sticking to calisthenics and sprinting. As a young lieutenant in the Marines in 2009, I had to do a 12-mile hump with an 80-pound pack. At a scrawny 106, it was not pleasant! I vowed to gain weight and become a lot stronger. I did so and life became a lot easier. While no longer on active duty, I still strive to get stronger every year.

My best gym lifts are 240/135/275 and my best competition lifts are 220/138/286. I lift at 123 or 132, based on how hard I’m working or not. Depending on the day, my favorite lift is either the squat or deadlift. 

My favorite assistance exercises are:
Squat – Heavy Barbell Lunges
Bench – Low Incline Dumbbell Bench and Inverted Rows
Deadlift – Front Squats and Farmer’s Walks

My goal is to hit 315/185/340 within the next 5 years.

I think powerlifting is an awesome way to get to know your limits and then blow past them.
I think competition, whether against yourself or others, is essential for excellence.
I think Natural bodybuilding is admirable for those with the willpower.
I think running is fine, provided it’s sprinting. We are evolved walkers with bursts of high exertion.

To me, being a member of Team Force means being part of a team that doesn’t find it strange to want to lift more weight and not maintain the status quo. While wearing the coolest T-Shirts!