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Jason DeHenzel

My name is Jason DeHenzel, I have been lifting for three years. I did my first meet Nov of 2010 and have done two since. I got my start lifting while attending the National Personal Training Institute. Eight weeks out from my graduation, I asked Team Force's coach Tim how I could get my DL up before leaving his personal training class. He gave me a program and I put 40 pounds on my DL. Since that day I've been hooked on getting stronger. I joined Team Force after completing NPTI in 2008. Being part of this team has given me direction, motivation, determination, drive and an overall sense of self confidence that I didn't have before. My best lifts in competition are 245 bench, 347 squat and 451 deadlift. My favorite lift is the Deadlift; as I feel deads really teach you what your made of :) My favorite assistance for the DL is the deficit DL. I'm weak off of the floor so I feel like they really help me rip it up off from the starting position. Over the next 2 years I would like to dominate a 500 DL, 275 bench and 405 squat in competition.

I think Powerlifting is.. Family, hard work, setting your mind to something and making it happen at any cost.

I think Competition is... To me competition is not about coming in first place as much as it is knowing that I gave it everything I had to get there. As my teammate Vadim would agree, the battle to get to competition I feel is more rewarding than the actual meet. I love doing the meet but the suffering and the war in the training to get ready for the meet is what I love.

I think Bodybuilding is... training ones body to look the best, biggest and leanest that it can be on competition day. I respect the training and dedication to nutrition that it takes to do a bodybuilding show. If you watch a Dorian Yates, Arnold, Ronnie Coleman Video, you can see bodybuilding is just as brutal as the training that we do and goes hand in hand with powerlifting. I'm not sure if I would personally do a show but I respect bodybuilding and like the training that it takes to be a bodybuilder.

I think running is... Not really my thing but I have respect for people who do it, training hard is training hard. I think it can be great for conditioning, and overall health and weight loss.

Being a Team Force member really has changed my life; I take a great deal of pride in being part of the team. With my living and training 5 hours away from VA, being part of the team gives me a sense of family, and sense of accountability to do well and train like it's my last chance to do so.