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Rob Redfearn


Your years lifting/years competing/# of comps competed in:  

Lifting for 10 years, competing for 1year, competed in 1 competition

Your best lifts in the gym and/or in comp: 

Gym: bench 425, dead lift 585 and squats 405x10 (clusters 30 sec. rest)

Comp: bench 435, dead lift 606 and squats 474

Your favorite competitive exercise: 


Your favorite assistance exercise (in general or for said exercise):

DB press

Your goal(s) of weight to lift or bodyweight to achieve:

Bench 450, Deadlift 675, Squat 550

I think powerlifting is... 


I think competition is... 

A way of life.

I think bodybuilding is... 


I think running is... 

Good for the heart.


To me, being a member of Team Force means... 

dedication, hard work and commitment to a common goal that is shared by an extended family.

My Favorite Team Force Moment: 

My favorite Team Force moment came in Orlando (2011), at my first meet, when we beat Team Canada by one point to win the championship.