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Sharif Issa

I have been lifting for about 6 years. Some of that time I was not as serious as I would like to be due to family work life etc...

My best lifts to date were done at the last competition in October in 2011 where I totaled 1306lbs.  It's my personal best to date with plans to dominate more in the future.

My favorite competition to date would have to be the USAPL open in Charlotteville last February.  I went 9 for 9 the first time ever!

My current goals in powerlifting are to bench 350 squat 505 and deadlift 600. Those are the goals I have now and I would like to achieve these by the summer of 2012.

What powerlifting is to me is a sport were you're competing against yourself.   It's a sport that forces you to build yourself and push yourself past a point you never thought possible.

Some people think of competition as something against other people and in most cases it is, but in powerlifting you're competing against yourself.  I think bodybuilding is a hard sport and I give it its credit.  I think it just depends on what you are looking for in a sport.

To me being a teamforce member is being with a group of people that are like minded. Those people have become my extended family.