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Tim Henriques



        I was bit by the iron bug when my 7th grade gym class spent a day maxing out on the Universal Chest Press Machine and I did 115 lbs for 1 rep, one plate (15 more pounds) that most of the other students and it was a great feeling.  Growing up around 3 older brothers also created the desire to be as big and as strong as they were.  Being a product of the 80’s and becoming addicted to Arnold and Stallone movies cemented my love for the iron.  I did my first competition in high school and got a 295 squat, 345 deadlift, and a big fat 0 in the bench press at 165 but that did not dissuade me, although I learned a valuable lesson which was: don’t talk about what you are going to lift, talk about what you did lift.

            At 19 I did my first “real” competition with the USAPL and even though I was still a novice and made some rookie mistakes (singlet over the T-shirt, Velcro belt) I did pretty well (405/285/515 @ 198) and I started competing regularly, usually about 2 or 3 meets a year for the past 15 years.  I took a 2 year hiatus from lifting in 2005 and 2006) to partake in strongman competitions and arm-wrestling, although I was not as proficient in either of those activities as I was with lifting. 

            Highlights of my lifting career include setting the junior state records in VA for all of the lifts, setting the AAU open federation record in the deadlift in the 220 lb class (677), setting the 100% Raw open federation record in the standing curl at 198 (180 lbs), being a collegiate All-American powerlifter, and setting the USAPL open VA state record in the deadlift (700@198) which still stands as of this writing.  I was also best lifter at several meets and I won a Federation Championship Belt in the Strict Curl.  Due to some knee issues I don’t compete in full meets anymore but I do still attempt to dominate in the bench, deadlift, and curl.  I compete anywhere from the 181-220 lb weight classes.

            I founded Team Force in 2007 because I am a selfish bastard and I wanted people to lift with me and help spot me.  I had been extremely lucky to have some terrific lifting partners in college and I know the importance of having a core group of people all dedicated to the same goal.  Since then Team Force has blossomed, the team is undefeated in Team Competition, and I hope it has positively impacted the team members’ lives.  I live in Fairfax, VA with my wife and 3 boys and I plan to write a book on powerlifting in the reasonably near future.

Your years lifting/years competing/# of comps competed in:

20 years lifting/ 16 competing/ about 25 comps + 2 strongman + 2 armwrestling comps

Your best lifts in the gym and/or in comp:

SQ 550 comp single ply gear; BP 380 comp raw and 375 in the gym; DL 700 in comp in single ply gear, 625 in the gym; Strict Curl 165 in comp and 170 in gym

Your favorite competitive exercise:

Bench, Deads, Curls – I love them all.  I still like squats but my knees don’t anymore

Your favorite assistance exercise (in general or for said exercise):

For bench – more bench, never found a magic bullet for that but clusters work great

For Deads – squats and good morning and RDL’s (high reps on those)

For Curls – Power Curls

Your goal(s) of weight to lift or bodyweight to achieve:

I want to fill out the 220 lb weight class without having out of shape obliques

I will bench 400+ lbs raw in a meet

I will set the Open Curl Record for 100% Raw Federation

I think powerlifting is...  

Awesome!  It is the best sport in the world because it is the greatest sport to train for and that is what athletes spend the majority of their time doing – training.

I think competition is...  

A place to prove what you have done. It is a great way to shut up any haters and earn respect of your fellow brothers and sisters of iron.  I love the one on one aspect of it, knowing that the only one who can lift it is me, knowing that the only one who can get hurt is me, and knowing that you can’t fake it on the platform.

I think bodybuilding is... 

Pretty cool, if you take out the drugs.  Natural bodybuilding and natural powerlifting actually have a lot in common.  I give BBers a lot of respect, that diet is no joke and they work harder outside of the gym for sure, PLers work harder in the gym.  But who doesn’t want to look strong to go with being strong.  Arnold got me into fitness, at least in part, so the idea of looking like a bad ass is appealing to me.

I think running is.... 

Ehh, running is okay, jogging (or is it yogging, not sure if that is a soft J) is super overrated.  Running some place fast and really pushing yourself is pretty cool, although not my personal choice for exercise, but plodding slowly and hoping to do it longer has little value to improve fitness, athletic performance, or looks.  Sprinting is really cool and useful and underrated.

To me, being a member of Team Force means...

I am linked up with a group of people that all love the iron and with that deeper characteristics can be inferred.  The team members I know have strong constitutions, a good work ethic, honor, integrity, patience, a realistic assessment of themselves and challenges in life, and they contribute positively to society and to the gym.  I am proud to say that the majority of the team members are also some of my best friends – big shout out to the 2:30 crew in specific.  We are a supportive group and once that respect is earned it means a lot.  I hope some of the other members of Team Force can go out and form their own “2:30 crew” and get some new people involved in lifting and in the team.  Don’t bother involving yourself with someone who does stuff half assed though, either the person is all in and helps raise you up in which case partner up with them, or they are more trouble they are worth and they bring you down, in which case cut the strings.  Trust your gut on that one.

My Favorite Team Force Moment: 

So many fun times.  Sammy’s swam dive after his PR squat, Vadim driving crazy down to VA Beach while I told some stories, my battle (in which I lost) to that mustached bastard M a r k  W i l h e l m, hanging in the Jaccuzi with the PA girls, 2 dinners a night in FL, Vadim and I getting lost on the way to the meet, the Shithole, the girl who didn’t like flying in the back of the plane, Left handed people die early, all the fun dinners out before/after the meets, laughing my ass off on most meet trips, watching Paul fall asleep while Vadim translated for the Ukrainian dude, watching Paul fall asleep while Sharif bench pressed, kickin’ team Canada’s ass.