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Vadim S

I got interested in weight lifting in 1995.  I weight lifted throughout my college years and after until about 2001.  I was in pretty decent shape, I could bench mid 200s, squat mid 200s and curl low 100s.  I could do 10+ pull-ups, and felt in a pretty good shape overall.

2001 is the year when the job became stressful and started occupying a majority of my time. My diet changed from lean chicken, lean meats and veggies to pizza and fast food,. My sleep hours went from 7-8 hours to 6-5 or less, and my schedule was so hectic that getting 1-2 workouts a week in was considered a great week!  And they were not even good workouts.

Fast Forward to December 2006 and about 50+ lbs of weight gain later.  I was just over 230-235lb  pounds, and no this was not lean mass, it was pure flab.  One of my friends referred to me as his chubby friend and that was a sign that a change must be made.  Well, that, and the fact that my work pants of size 42 were getting very tight and I bought 44’s just so that I could be comfortable. 

I spent 2007 doing lots of cardio, conditioning, GPP, 2-a-days, whatever I could do to get rid of my flab.  By the end of 2007 I was back lifting weights and weighing slightly under 200.  My strength was getting back to the levels I was used to and I was feeling much better.

By mid 2008 I was working out regularly with several guys in the gym, and was enjoying a good mix of weightlifting and cardio.  Somehow, this was not enough.  While the weights were heavy and I was following plenty of programs I found on the net, there was still something missing.  Looking back, I now know what that was - it was purpose.

I met Tim in the summer of 2008 and he was the most knowledgeable person in the fitness industry that I knew.  (Tim would later argue that an instant man crush was developed, and I would not necessarily disagree, nor would I agree of course.)  One day I saw him deadlifting high 500s for reps and I knew I must work out with him.  I believe that if you surround yourself with like-minded people who you can learn from, you will improve tremendously and maybe even help others.

Once I started training with Tim he suggested that I do a powerlifting competition.  My first powerlifting competition was on November 1st, 2008.  Team Force had Pat and myself partake in that competition. I have been hooked on powerlifting since then.  My numbers back then were: 305 SQ, 265 BP, and 470 DL for a total of 1040.

Fast-forward 3 years to October 30th, 2011.  Team Force has just competed in a 100% Raw Championship.  This time we had 9 people compete and my numbers were 446 SQ, 308 BP, and 589 DL for a total of 1343.

You could say that I have made lots of progress in the past 3 years.  A 300 lb improvement in meet total, a leaner, stronger physique, a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle – this list goes on.  Me, seeing where I am now, I just wish that I did not loose the 2001-2007.  Alas, there is no point crying over spilt milk.  I have my whole life ahead of me, and I hope to train harder and smarter and catch up on all those missed years to get healthier, stronger, and just slightly more badass.

Some stats and Q&A:

Bodyweight:  My Bodyweight is generally 185-195 walking around.  I compete in 181 or 198 which generally depends if I feel like dieting to181.

Your years lifting/years competing/# of comps competed in:

4 years seriously lifting after a 6 year hiatus, and 6 competitions.

Your best lifts in the gym and/or in comp:

446 Squat ( 

342 Bench Press (,

589 Deadlift (

147 Strict Curl (

Your favorite competitive exercise:

Deadlift and Squat of course ;)

Your favorite assistance exercise (in general or for said exercise)

Squats and Deads make Squats and Deads stronger.  There are plenty of assistance exercises but none of them compare to the real thing.

Your goal(s) of weight to lift or bodyweight to achieve:

My goal bw is a lean and mean 181.

It is hard to set a goal competition weight to lift. Near future, next 1-2 years goals would be 500+ SQ, 350 BP, and 620 DL.

I think powerlifting is...

a sport that gives purpose to the lost gym souls.  It’s a sport that motivates you to do better and makes you feel like a part of something big.  As you train for a competition there are countless others training at the same time.  This sport is full of iron brothers and sisters waging a war against iron.

I think competition is...

a great way to motivate yourself to do better.  Even if your main competitor is you.

I think NATURAL bodybuilding is... 

a very tough sport that only people with very strong mindsets and power of wills can succeed in.  I respect this sport for the sacrifices that bodybuilders put themselves through to look the way that they look.

I think running is....

great for loosing weight and getting in better shape when you are starting out to work out.  Of course as you get more educated, it is a great assistance exercise for certain amount of lung capacity improvement, but so is the general conditioning and GPP.

 To me, being a member of Team Force means...

training with people of like mindsets and achieving goals of health and strength all while having fun lifting heavy heavy weights.  Being part of this team means no bullshit dedication.  We lift under many conditions, and we never punk out.  If it rains we lift, if it snows we lift, if there was a small earthquake but gym is intact we lift.  If you have slight pains and aches we lift.  We do not cry and whine about little things, we lift and progress.

 My Favorite Team Force Moment: 

There are several and I will share them while blogging on the site when we are done.  Let’s just say that 1 Squat rack at 2:30 on Tue and Thu are off-limits to most people when it’s time for Sharif and I to do legs.  Also, a certain Bench Press equipment is not to be touched by mere mortals when we Bench on Mondays.